Drenda Keesee

Knox County Commissioner

Protecting Knox, Preserving Our Way of Life.

Message From Drenda

To the residents of Knox County, thank you for allowing me to serve our beautiful community.

My heartfelt promise is this:

I will work relentlessly for you. I will listen to you. Together, we will preserve our cherished heritage while striving for transparency and excellence in our government. We will stand united to protect our farmland, support our small businesses, and uphold the freedoms that define us. This journey is about bringing your voice to the forefront, ensuring that our shared values shape the future of Knox County.

We have said it loud and clear, “Not in our town!” Now, it is time to roll up our sleeves and bring our vision to life. I am here to serve you, to be your voice, and to fight for the lifestyle and values we hold dear.

To my incredible team, your dedication, your passion, and your tireless work have been the backbone of this campaign. I am endlessly thankful for each one of you. Your commitment to our cause and your belief in the potential of Knox County have been nothing short of inspirational. This victory belongs to you as much as it does to me. Thank you, Knox County, for this incredible opportunity. I want to hear from you!

Meet Drenda

Let’s make Knox County a place where families thrive, businesses and farms grow and prosper, education is strong and our children are safe.

Let’s preserve our heritage and create transparency and excellence in our government

It’s time to fight for the lifestyle and values we hold dear, to protect our farmland, to protect our small businesses and to keep America free!

We don’t need more career politicians. We need servants of the people.

I represent you, your values, your freedoms. Allow me to be your voice as we say together, “not in our town!”

Watch Drenda’s Interview with Dr. Douglas Frank


We do not want Knox County  land and water used to fuel Columbus at the expense of our community and people.   

Our farmland should not be turned into a solar wasteland and our water aquifer misused either! Not in our town. Not on my watch!

We can grow and prosper but only by putting Knox County First. I will represent our interests.

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